Need faster Wi-Fi around your house? The Amped Wireless REC15A is just the thing.


About a year ago, I got fed up with my home Wi-Fi. No matter which router I bought, I simply couldn’t get reasonably good signal strength or consistently fast wireless speeds in certain rooms. Going back and wiring my home for data wasn’t an option, so I dropped $69 on the REC10 wireless range extender from Amped Wireless. It’s probably the best money I spent last year because it solved my wireless woes.

Now the company has a newer model called the REC15A and I’ve been using it for the past several weeks. The new range extender costs $99 and I’ve found it’s worth the premium if you have a newer router like I do. It provides even faster wireless speeds; often coming close to the full home broadband speeds I can get with a wired connection. In fact, in some locations, I actually can get more than a 75 Mbps connection…

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